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Uon Vichetr

is an impact-driven leader with nearly 25 years of experience spearheading initiatives to uplift underserved communities in Cambodia.

About Uon Vichetr

, a name synonymous with dedication and impact, has carved a remarkable path through the realms of social responsibility and entrepreneurship.
Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.
Beyond his philanthropic efforts, Uon Vichetr’s entrepreneurial spirit shines brightly. The establishment of Adaeng Development Ltd, Adaeng Land Ltd, and Kehak, Inc. stands as a testament to his vision for sustainable development.
His innovative projects, targeting investments in essential sectors like municipal water supply, renewable energy, and sustainable urban planning, showcase a forward-thinking approach towards holistic development.
Amidst his myriad accomplishments, Uon Vichetr’s latest venture, Kehakhmer.com, emerges as a platform empowering content creators to monetize their talents. This initiative not only fosters creativity but also provides a sustainable income source for aspiring artists and creators.
Uon Vichetr’s tireless efforts have garnered recognition from prestigious organizations like Mediacorp Pte. Ltd, BBC, and InspireFlix, solidifying his position as a catalyst for change.

What Services Uon Vichetr is Providing

Professional consultancy services, Bilateral trade, Property land sale and purchase, Resort Master Planning and Design are the services.
Consultancy Services
The main practice areas include general corporate services, real estate development, construction, international trade, lawyer services, public notary, audit and taxation consulting services.
Land Sale & Purchase
If you are foreigners who are looking to purchase property land in Cambodia, Uon Vichetr is here to help out. He specializes on land purchase, land conversion, and hold the land for foreign company.
Bilateral Trade
Since 2019, Uon Vichetr has been assisting foreign traders in conducting feasibility studies on the commodities that Cambodia can supply overseas.Now, the decision is yours. What are your requirements?

Working Process

Uon Vichetr is here to help and answer any question you might have. He looks forward to hearing from you no matter whether charity, business and foreign direct investment in Cambodia.

Work Experience

Uon Vichetr commenced his initial full-time position in 2001 while also engaging in freelance projects and teaching as a professor at the University. Subsequently, he established his foundation aimed at providing assistance to the most impoverished families and at-risk children.
Professional Consultant
The main practice areas include corporate services, real estate development, construction, trade, lawyer services, public notary, audit and taxation consulting services.
Professional Consultant
Non-Profit Founding Director
Uon Vichetr founded the Sao Sary Foundation (SSF) in 2006, a non-profit organization on a mission to uplift the lives of underprivileged children and their families in Cambodia.
Non-Profit Founding Director
Senior Manager
I have collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations including AFESIP, UNICEF, Church World Service, and various others.
Senior Manager
Freelance Consultant
I provided freelance consulting services to United Nation and international organizations such as AAH, CARE, UNDP, UNICEF, WB…
Freelance Consultant
University Professor
Within this role, Uon Vichetr imparts knowledge at University on two subjects: SPSS and Remote Data Sensing.
University Professor

My Portfolio

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What My Friends Says

These testimonials are just a glimpse of the positive impact Vichetr has had.
As reflected in his organization, Vichetr is entirely devoted to his cause and does not waver or back down against any challenge associated with it. Being thousands of miles from the majority of his supporters does not intimidate Vichetr, allowing him to generate funds to execute his goals efficiently.
I visited SSF and had a very good impression of the way Vichetr is running his foundation. His motivation, energy, and intelligence are so inspiring and I highly recommend Vichetr and SSF to anyone who wants to be engaged with the plight of a next and promising generation of Cambodians.
I had the pleasure of meeting Vichetr on my way through to Laos for an NGO I worked with in early 2010. Vichetr and SSF set the benchmark for all my future work in the non-governmental sector and few if any organisations have shown the professionalism and care I have come to expect of Vichetr.

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