What Service You Will Get From Uon Vichetr
Professional consultancy services, Bilateral trade, Property land sale and purchase, Resort Master Planning and Design are the services.
Professional Consultancy Services
The main practice areas include general corporate services, real estate development, construction, international trade, lawyer services, public notary, audit and taxation consulting services. The services are operating by professionals and experts from Cambodia, USA, China,Singapore and Malaysia. Our mission is to provide professional, practical, efficient and reliable one-stop investment consulting services to our customers in order to serve on the solution of the real difficulties raised from their investment activities. Our vision is not limited by pure theories. We are also concentrating on actual investment activities and deals which are related to laws and regulations, trade, ecommerce, digitals, technology, construction, real estate development and manufacturing matters.
Bilateral Trade
Are you interested in buying commodities from Cambodia? Additionally, what goods do you have available for export? Since 2019, I have been assisting Turkish businessmen, Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Americans, and other nations in conducting feasibility studies on the commodities that Cambodia can supply overseas. Furthermore, I have been exploring the demand for commodities, services, and products in the Cambodian market. Now, the decision is yours. What are your requirements?
What are you looking to purchase?
Uon Vichetr has established a robust network in Cambodia over the course of 25 years, collaborating with the nonprofit sector, businesses, and the Government. If you are interested in procuring construction sand, reclamation sand, silica, agricultural products (such as rice, corn, cassava, cashew nuts, natural rubber latex, soybeans, mangoes), as well as animals and poultry, we can swiftly connect you with the appropriate suppliers. Rest assured, we can furnish you with the sales price within 8 working hours.
Property Land Sale & Purchase
If you are foreigners who are looking to purchase property land in Cambodia, Uon Vichetr is here to help out. He specializes on land purchase, land conversion, and hold the land for foreign company. Uon Vichetr serves since 12 years now.
Can Foreigners Own Land in Cambodia? Here’s How.
A foreigner may form a Land Holding Company (LHC) through a joint venture where the majority stake is a Cambodian and the minority stake of up to 49% is a foreigner. An LHC is legally able to purchase land and property in Cambodia.
The 51% Cambodian shareholding can be held by 1 or more nominees who may, through a Power of Attorney and other legal instruments, give control of their 51% shareholding to the 49% minority foreign shareholder. Meaning to say, in setting up an LHC, the minority shareholder (which is the foreigner) has 100% of the rights to make the actions and decisions within the company.
It is one of the lowest-risk options because the company and its assets can be configured to provide layers of security to the foreign shareholder or its lender. However, this approach carries the high registration fees, annual admin costs, and a potentially high tax burden when later disposing of the property asset.
Resort Master Planning and Design

Are you looking to hire consulting firms to assist with resort master planning and design? I lead DESIGN FOREVER79. It provides services on Resort Master Planning and Design, Resort Landscape Design and Planning, and Resort Architecture and Interior Design.

1. Resort Master Planning and Design
DESIGN FOREVR79‘s Design Service includes; Development Vision + Strategy, Site Analysis + Feasibility Study, Site and Land Use Planning, Concept Master Plan, and Detailed Master Plan. These are under Project Type; Beach Resort, Boutique Resort, Destination Resort, Spa Resort, Island Resort, Large Scale Integrated Resort, Large Scale Mixed Use Resort, Regional Tourism + Leisure Destination, Resort Community + Township, and Golf Course + Golf Community.
2. Resort Master Planning and Design
DESIGN FOREVR79‘s Design Service includes;Design Vision + Strategy, Site Review + Analysis, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Development. These are under Project Type; Resort & Hotels, Open Space + Public Realm, Waterfront/ Promenade, and Residential Villas + Community.
3. Resort Master Planning and Design
DESIGN FOREVR79‘s Design Service includes; Project Vision + Positioning, Concept Design, Schematic Design, and Design Development. These are under Project Type; Resort & Hotels, Resort Pool Villas, Beach Club, Resort Restaurants + Bars, and Spa + Wellness Design.

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